Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Lawn & Pool

Hello folks. It's amazing what a difference some grass makes. Our backyard has been transformed from a giant dust bowl to my favorite place in the world almost overnight. We were up there this weekend with friends, swimming, cooking, and playing rock band. Below is a shot of Sarah and I relaxing poolside.

In the above shot, note that the lounge chairs are over on the patio. They will be moved to the grass on the side of the pool (near side in this photo). We're just keeping everything off the sod for a few weeks. We don't want to disturb the grass while it's trying to get roots into the top soil underneath.

Above is another shot of Sarah. This picture is taken from where one of the lounge chairs will be. It's a really pretty view across the pool and up the hill into the woods.

OK, that's all for now. Nina took some panoramic photos this weekend, so maybe she'll post those. We'll see you all upstate soon.

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