Monday, December 18, 2006


Here is the view of our house looking southeast. I am finally fiddling around with a 3D modeling program called Rhinoceros, which is what was used to create what you see above. As you saw from our plans, we would enter the house from inside the garage, but a guest could just park in front of the garage, climb the steps you see beside it, and enter through the front door. They're really not going to be white, I just haven't finished the model yet. The land is also not so grassy, and there are tons of trees everywhere. So just look at this as a basic collage of sorts - I'm still figuring out the quirks. Here are some more views:

This is just around the corner from the first view - looking southeast. The porch above the garage allows you to either enter the front door, or just come around the back to our yard area, which won't really be a yard, just a rough play landscape, hopefully with a pool.

This is the view northeast. I'll keep working on the interior of the model, and post those later.