Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Master Bath Vanity

Quick midweek update. This vanity was completed a while back, but we never posted any pictures. We're having quite a bit of furniture made locally, including this vanity. The surface is made of two solid walnut planks that run the full length of the cabinetry - note the way some of the knots span multiple drawers/door pieces.

The picture above shows the proper locations of the door pulls. I included the below picture because it has less glare.

The countertop (not yet fabricated) will be concrete and we'll have two undermount sinks.

Other stuff being custom made includes...
  • Fireplace cabinetry (solid walnut, leather, blackened steel, concrete)
  • Two 9 foot tall partition doors (solid walnut)
  • 9 foot long farm table for the dining room
  • Two 12 foot long credenzas (wood, lacquer, brass)
    • one of these will go between the dining and living rooms
    • the other will go against the wall in the den (think tv stand)
  • Bed (rustic wood planks)
  • Two mirrors (rustic wood frames, antique mirror surface)
    • one will go above the master bath vanity
    • the other will go over the fireplace
We'll post pictures as the items are completed.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Deck Ceiling, Guests, More Stone

Hi. This week, Walter and crew installed most of the clear red cedar ceiling over our deck. The little round cutouts are for recessed lights, and there will be a ceiling fan in the center of the room. Here are some more pics...

Below is a shot of the cedar ceiling from the driveway. The two guys in the picture are Ate and Anthony. Nina used to work for Ate at the esteemed Atema Architecture, and Anthony is a client of Ate's that is building a house in Ulster County. They stopped by, along with Amy from Ate's office, to check out the progress and take a look at some of Nina's stellar finishing details.

They've also applied quite a bit more stone, which is clearly a slow and painstaking process.

That's it for now. Nina will be up again on Friday and we'll try to post again next week. Thanks for reading.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Deck Railing, Ledgestone, Baseboards, Taping

Hello. Our deck railing was installed this week. It's comprised of aluminum posts and stainless steel cables. The top rail hasn't been installed yet, but it will be about 3" wide by 1.5" tall, made from the same ipe as the deck floor. See below for a closer picture.

Below is the ledgestone that is being applied to the exposed foundation.

Below is a photo that shows our newly installed baseboards. They are flush with the sheetrock above with a 1/2 inch reveal in between. We're probably going to paint them the same color as the wall above, but while the wall will have an eggshell finish, the baseboards will be glossy.

Below, Walter had his taper finish one of our windows. There will be a strip of douglas fir (the same wood as the window frame) along the sill, but no other trim. There is a 3/8" reveal between the wood frame and the sheetrock.

The next shot is a view down the 2nd floor hallway toward the deck. Check out the reveals where the walls meet the ceiling - almost gives the impression that the ceiling is floating. These reveals and other similar details are everywhere in this house, and create a ton of extra work for the guys doing the sheetrock, baseboards and taping. Thankfully, we have a contractor that shares our aesthetic and is willing to put in the extra effort.

Here's what's left...

Finish taping
Paint the walls
Install the kitchen appliances (arriving this Friday)
Finish the stonework (including bluestone on front steps)
Install deck ceiling
Install stair treads/risers
Install stair railing
Finish the wood floors
Install tile in guest and master baths
Install plumbing fixtures
Install fireplace
Install light fixtures

We're definitely going up again this Saturday, and we'll post more then.