Sunday, March 30, 2008

Almost There

This week saw quite a bit of progress.  The floors were sanded and should be sealed this week.  The stairs were also installed.  They're white oak, just like the floors.

We ran the treads and risers to be flush with the wall.  It definitely makes for a more interesting set of stairs.

The recessed lights were installed.

The range hood was put in place.

This is the den.  There will be a media cabinet against this wall, on which a TV will sit.  There will be wall sconces installed where the light bulbs are now.  The wires below are for in-wall speakers.

This is the same wall from the other side.  You can see the track in the ceiling above for the entry closet doors on the far side of the wall.  Those doors can also be used to close off the den if there are guests staying in there.

And here's a shot of the ceiling fan that is in each of the bedrooms.

We expect significant progress again this week.  We'll be having furniture delivered soon, and should be able to stay up there within the next few weeks!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Paint, Fridge, Tile, Stone


Nina and I returned from Copenhagen (married!) on Saturday evening, and headed up to the house for the first time in a couple of weeks on Sunday morning. The most visible progress was certainly on the first floor of the house, where taping, spackling and painting have been completed. The recessed light fixtures were also installed. Have a look...

The next shot shows the reveals between the wall and ceiling and wall and baseboard. Also note the curtain track recessed into the ceiling.

Here's a pic of the powder room. Those are reclaimed fence posts on the lower half of the walls.

The refrigerator was also put in place, but has not yet been paneled.

Below is the master bath shower, which was recently tiled. The floor of the shower will actually be covered by an ipe deck, and the rest of the bathroom floor will be tiled in the same travertine as the shower walls.

Finally, a couple of shots of the exterior of the house. The tent around the garage has been taken down, and you can finally see the ledgestone against the garage door. The door is made of the same cedar as the deck ceiling above, but is completely covered in dust. Once cleaned, it will have the same vibrant color.

We'll be up again this weekend, and will post more then. We expect to have electrical outlets by then, and our floors will be sanded in preparation for finishing.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Monday Update

Nina drove up to the house this morning and took some great pictures that show that we're really coming down the home stretch. The covered deck is just about done - the only thing left to do is install the recessed lights, speakers and ceiling fan. Speaking of the ceiling fan, Walter built a small flat surface from the cedar so the fan could be mounted in the center of the peak. Here's a picture...

The ipe cap was also applied to the railing...

The cabinets were re-installed, this time for good. The large box on the right will house our refrigerator, which is an integrated, walnut paneled Thermador Freedom side by side...

And here's a shot of our newly installed Bluestar range. It's 36" wide, with 6 burners (up to 22K BTU's!) and an extra large gas oven. The door is black. It's right in the middle of the 13 foot island which is temporarily covered with cardboard.

The reclaimed fencepost cladding has been applied to the powder room walls. Those are paint samples on the wall above. Walter will be painting the first floor walls soon.

The next shot is of the skylight in the guest bathroom. Walter suggested cladding the channel in the same cedar we used for the deck ceiling and garage door. We think it looks great.

The master bath is currently being tiled. We used a stone called durango in here. I think it's a type of travertine. This is a shot of the shower...

And finally, a couple of shots of the ledgestone.

We expect things to move pretty quickly now, so stay tuned.